Anonymous: I was looking through some of you old posts and saw you answered that you had struggled with self harm, I too struggled with it and I know how hard it is to stop but you seem like an amazing person and I hope you can find the strength to stop soon. Chin up beautiful, it'll all get better soon. :)

Oh my gosh, this just made my day and I needed it so much, thank you! I’ve been clean for a little over a week from any from of self harm, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard but I have a few good friends who know and have helped me, I normally don’t like to acknowledge my problems, even on tumblr because some of my friends don’t know about it but follow me so now I guess they will know if they actually read this. But thank you anon, this means a lot. <3

Anonymous: Ha you should message your newest follower and maybe I might accept your proposal

i just gained like 4 new followers though (shocking) so i don’t know which one you would be!!

Anonymous: Why are you always so down on harsh on your looks. You are beautiful and dont let anyone that says different get to you. They have bad taste.

oh my gosh another one?! what is this?! i love you, thank you so much!! 

Anonymous: Hi so um I don't know how often you get this but you're remarkably breathtaking. Whether you take my word or not take a minute and walk up to a mirror and see for yourself the reflection you see. You'll see a very beautiful girl with one adorable smile and such pretty little eyes that any guy would be lucky to get lost in. I'm sure you have a wonderful personality to go hand in hand with your beauty and hope you see how much you have going for you and that any guy would be blessed to have you

oh my gosh im seriously like about to cry over how sweet this is. come off anon and marry me!! c:

My friend and I made butter beer for Harry Potter Weekend :) 
For my advertisement project.