Good Day!!

Such a good day today!! My best friend Amanda treated me to a pedicure and it was amazing!! I treated her to dinner and dessert which was this huge ass brownie that we demolished. When I got home I made the mistake of putting my hair up and my mom noticed my new piercing but she surprisingly didn’t blow up at me!! Now I have plans for a party thursday and friday night, AND on top of all of that I have the day off work tomorrow!!! Wahoo! 

Bobby pins are the herpes of hair accessories.
Sad Day.

This is the last post I will be making with my beloved mac. The stupid logic board and some other things are broken so I have to get a new computer with money I don’t have. Awesome. I will miss my little white mac dearly, true partner in crime right here with all the things we illegally downloaded together. 

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I really hate hospitals. Waiting is the worst. I just wanna know if he’s okay.

As dorky/cliche as it is, I love it when you call me baby.

I needed my best friend last night…

But I feel like I’m bothering you every time I try to talk to you.

Each kiss makes my heart skip a beat. I can’t remember the last time I was truly this happy.

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Walked into class and saw this…. I am in code red right now
I found a little corner of heaven at Sams club. #Nutella #omg (at Sam’s Club)
My mother is possibly the most annoying person I know

She’s acting like a toddler right now.

Acne has always been a problem in my life from around the age of 9, but I don’t think it has affected me as much then as it has the past few years. I have tried basically everything over the years to try and get my acne under control, prescriptions, proactive, almost every over the counter face wash, cream or supplement and countless home remedies and nothing has worked. I still have pimples but even worse I have scars. It just makes me feel so self conscious and ugly when I’m around my friends who have almost perfect skin and they talk about how badly they are breaking out or how horrible their skin looks, I understand for them that their skin and what they are used to it might look bad but honestly I would kill to have their skin. I hate the fact that I fee like no one really understands. My friends and even my family and people in general dont understand what it’s like to have children stare at you in the store and ask their parents “whats wrong with that girls face”, or have someone you thought was your friend make fun of you behind your back, or have people make suggestions as to what you should do about it, its like I understand that you are trying to help but you need to understand that I have already tried what you’re suggesting and didn’t ask fot your opinion in the first place. Guys also look at me differently an pretty much change their attitude towards me after they see me with less make up on than usual. I just hope one day I can feel comfortable in my own skin. If you’ve actually read this thank you, I’m not looking for pity or for people to tell me that it doesn’t matter, its more of a personal rant that I just needed to get out. 
I could really use a cigarette right now.

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  • Dad: *Looks at my cup of juice* What is that?
  • Me: The blood of my enemies.
  • Dad: You're gonna need a bigger glass.