Anonymous: I was looking through some of you old posts and saw you answered that you had struggled with self harm, I too struggled with it and I know how hard it is to stop but you seem like an amazing person and I hope you can find the strength to stop soon. Chin up beautiful, it'll all get better soon. :)

Oh my gosh, this just made my day and I needed it so much, thank you! I’ve been clean for a little over a week from any from of self harm, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard but I have a few good friends who know and have helped me, I normally don’t like to acknowledge my problems, even on tumblr because some of my friends don’t know about it but follow me so now I guess they will know if they actually read this. But thank you anon, this means a lot. <3

My family just ate dinner without me because they forgot I was home…


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Cleaning my room and found something I wrote a long time ago. Sad how some things don&#8217;t change.
Hi, my name is Dexter, I&#8217;m Sarah&#8217;s new puppy and I’m also friggen adorable.

My brother is on the phone being all cute with his girlfriend. Its obnoxious and I have to work super early tomorrow. Someone make it STOPPP!!! Ughhhh

First picture I took with my new hair cut. Finally was able to shrink my Pierce The Veil shirt from the Street Youth Rising tour so it isnt a dress anymore!!!  Today was a good day!! :) 
Soo I&#8217;m on Adam Elmakias&#8217; facebook!! To most people this wouldnt be a big deal especially since he is doing it for anyone who tags their picture &#8220;#aeface&#8221; on instagram but that fact that one of my heros and inspirations has me on their facebook and is taking the time to do that is pretty damn cool and amazing in my opinion, Adam has kept me going as a photography major when I thought I couldn&#8217;t do it anymore by just being able to look at his prints and realize that the feeling I get looking at them may one day be the feeling someone gets looking at one of my prints. Meeting him was also amazing, even though I could barely say a full sentence because I was too nervous and he had to get going. Watching his video on how he got his start and the Google+ hangout also gave me hope that I can actually do this. Granted it is a long shot that I will be as successful as him, but hey its keeping me going. Photography and music have always helped pull me through things I didn&#8217;t think that I&#8217;d be able to make it through so to some people this may seem like a dumb little thing but to me it is a bigger deal and makes me extremely happy. :) 
  • Me: Yeah well I cant dance to save my life.
  • Dave: Yeah well I'm a white male soooo
  • Me: *dying*
  • Dave: Except from the waist down...
  • Me: ....
  • Amanda: ....
  • Dave: Then I'm Asian
  • Me & Amanda: *dying in the middle of the restaurant*
Ladies and gentlemen, my development made the local news. I can&#8217;t even with where I live anymore&#8230; 
So today someone recognized me form my blog while I was at work. It was pretty awesome I’m not gonna lie!!

Taylor message me so I can see your blog girl! It was nice to meet you! You made my day! haha 

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Boring hour long break before work. #ughhh
My mom bought air fresheners for all the cars. Little does she know she just made it ten times easier for me to hide the fact that I started smoking again.
In Michigan!!!

In Grand Rapids with my best friend for the Street Youth Rising Tour tomorrow!! So excited to see Pierce The Veil, Memphis May Fire, Issues and letlive!!! Its gonna be a blast!!!